Statement from the Artist - Coastal discoveries, woodland finds, and lush flora influence my creative process.Nature's designs and patterns establish a rich foundation for my studio practice. I feel drawn to clay as a medium because of its unique malleability which allows surface and structure to meld together in the creation of a piece. I begin by throwing stoneware clay on the pottery wheel or hand building a piece. I carve and then add white porcelain slip to the surface and proceed to smooth and texture through this skin by hand. After bisque firing, clear glaze is applied discriminately to the surface, creating a subtle glisten, reminiscent of a sea or rain splash as it emerges from the glaze firing. 


Contemporary abstract artist Julia Contacessi explains her process as a combination of conscious and subconscious exploration. With a focus on color, texture and composition, Julia strives to delivers an atmospheric, feel-good effect in every one of her pieces. The artistic influence of Helen Frankenthaler and her belief that there is “no formula” and the artist should “let the picture lead you where it must go,” are principles that Julia embraces. In addition, finding beauty in the contrasting nature of things, much like artist Patricia Larsen, is what Julia seeks through her work.


Pottery and Ceramics inspired by the African Bush and it's Wildlife.


Rob's passion for the natural expression and creating the "real" moment is the core of his photography.

AH & CO.

Ariana Hoffman has been working in the field of the Decorative Arts for the past 20 years.   What was considered genuine natural ability, curiosity and a form of expression has been turned into a full fledged decorative painting company.  After graduating from Syracuse University in ’94 she began a seven year collaboration with a major nationwide furniture company redefining their antique and old world paint finishes.  Thru that experience this self taught artist was able to begin her own solo chapter starting The Decorative Artist.  That company has now evolved into AH &CO. - combining the talents of many additional artists, woodworkers, and fine finishers.